Well, I’ve done it- I’ve finally created a Recipe Page- points for me!

Here are some of my favorite recipes I’ve created over the past few months since starting this blog.  Anything marked with * is vegan friendly.

Feel free to post comments or let me know which are your favorites. I love receiving feedback!

Bon Appetit!


Smoothies and Breakfast

Berries n Cream

Banana Berry Bliss*

Berry Mango Smoothie*

Strawberry BSS*

PB & Banana-Choco Smoothie*

Banana-Cherry Slammer*

Banana BlueBell*

Best-Ever Granola*

Choco-Cherry Bliss*


Jess’s Famous Nacho Dip

Mimi’s Salad*

Raita Inspired Dressing*

Mango Salsa*

Sweet n Sour Sauce*

Spunky Spaghetti Sauce*

Veggie Guacamole*

“Creamy” Basil Pesto*

Tahini-Less, Flavour-Full Hummus*

Wild Blueberry Dressing*

White Bean Spread*


Olive n Nut Stuffed Artichokes

Bleu Mac n Cheese

Avocado Stuffed Bello’s*

Summer Lentil Salad*

Soba Noodles with Peanut Sauce*

Veggie Fiesta Joes *

Maple Garlic Tofu *

MTL Veggie Jambalaya

Bad-Ass Bean Burgers*

Garam-Masala Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Home Potato Salad

Black Bean and Corn Enchilada’s

Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burgers *

Dilly Potato Salad*

Epic Eggplant Sandwich

Wild Granny Beet Salad*

Coconut Curry*

Easy Veggie Chili*

Creamy Potato and White Bean Soup*

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