Hump Day and the Zucchini

Âllo! Comment ca va?

Ok, enough with the French 😉

How was everyone’s Hump Day?

Do you remember the first time someone told you Wednesday was sometimes referred to as “Hump Day”? I do- I was about 8 or 9, so clearly I took this news very maturely.  I’m pretty sure my brother and I got a very long lecture on what was an appropriate usage for the word “Hump Day” afterward.  Ah childhood, how I miss you!

My hump day (heh heh, I’m still 5) morning was spent enjoying a gorgeous Banana Bluebell smoothie, complete with my hand-picked wild blueberries. I made enough for CK to enjoy one too!

1 frozen nanner

Pile o’ spinach

2 c. vanilla soy milk

2 tbsp ground flax

Handful of wild blue berries

With some toast and almond butta

I had my breakfast while checking out this week’s edition of Style Winners and Losers. Little known fact- I’m a total fashion news junkie! I won’t necessarily buy into the latest trends but I sure love reading about them and seeing who’s wearing ‘em. Another little known fact- I almost went to Fashion school, but then I got wait-listed, cried, and then went to business school instead.

Now, I’m in sports marketing. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, following my celebrity fashion update, I dragged my sorry, but prettily dressed, behind to the office for another day of work, work, work!

The usual ad planning, contest debating, event planning, Facebooking (yes, I Facebook for work, I love my job), and overall emailing whisked my day into the wee hours of the afternoon where upon my third cup of coffee I happily said a bonne nuit to all.  After my farewells, I departed for the dollar store to pick up more supplies for the shower/bachelorette muahahaha.

Oh and a few supplies for dinner as well.

CK is playing roller hockey tonight (read: playing hockey for an hour and then drinking beer for 2) so I am on my own till later this evening.  Rather than sit in a corner chewing my hair and crying from abandonment, I decided to spend some time in my happy place- the kitchen!!

I’ve been feeling a tad guilty for lack of recipes and fun dish postings so I figured I’d try and make up for it and remind you all why my blog is title MTL Veggie, not MTL Injury.

I’ve had zucchini on the brain lately. I know most people get aggravated with the amount of zucchini that summer brings.  Personally, I love it.  I love the light taste of it and find it extremely versatile.  One thing I’ve never made with them is zucchini patties.  Normally, this would involve eggs, cheese, and maybe some sour cream for dipping. However, since I try to avoid dairy, I figured I’d try and create something a wee bit different, but still delicious.

What I came up with was this:

Served with salsa and homemade guac

1 avocado, diced

1 tomato, diced

Juice of half a lemon

Dash of salt

Dash of garlic powder

A few sprigs of cilantro

Mix avocado, tomato, garlic, salt and lemon together, garnish with cilantro, enjoy!

Overall, these zucchini cakes were 80% there, still a few tweaks to make so I won’t share the recipe until I’ve perfected it. But know that I’m working on it for you all!

It’s now 11pm, I am tired and in need of beauty rest.

Bonne nuit!

What’s a little known fact about you?


About Jess @ MTL Veggie

Jess, the face behind The MTL Veggie is a vegetarian, athlete, marketer and Torontonian turned Montrealer. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, photography, running, yoga, skiing, and of course blogging. The MTL Veggie recaps her recipes, restaurant reviews, and what it's like to be a Leafs fan living in Montreal (hint: scary at times).
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