Oops I did it again…

I’ve gone and injured myself.  However, this is an all-time first for me.  This is my very first (and hopefully last) kitchen injury! I know, if I were you, I’d be surprised too.

It all happened this past Tuesday night.  I had a fridge with chickpeas that demanded to be used.  But I wasn’t interested in just a plain ol’ chickpea salad. Oh no, I wanted Chickpea burgers! I had the perfect recipe all planned out (you’ll have to wait a while for that one as I haven’t had a chance to make it yet).  I was even going to top ‘em off with Gena’s Creamy Avocado Cumin dressing. Clearly the promise of an amazing and delicious dinner to share with you all put me over the edge to carelessness.

I decided to make the dressing first to give it a chance to chill before making the burgers; this is where all hell broke loose.  I brought out my avocado and trusty chef’s knife.  I cut the sucker in half, then instead of being a normal person and digging the pit out with a spoon, laziness took over and I went to remove the pit with the knife. The knife slipped and gashed open my finger instead.  I was in complete and utter shock.  I kind of stood there stupidly for 30 seconds while my finger started gushing blood and then kind of ambled over to the sink to rinse it.  At about that time the pain started setting in and I realized I probably needed to go to the hospital.  Problem- CK (my new name for the boy, CK are his initials) was still at the cottage and in my state, I was in no condition to drive.  Then, my mind kicked into gear remembering my friend Willy who lives 5 minutes away from me.

Our conversation:

Me:  Hey Willy, it’s Jess

Willy:  Oh, hey Jess! How’s it goin?

Me:  I need you to drive me to the hospital.

Willy:  What the hell did you do to yourself now? (slightly perturbed and exasperated tone of voice)

Me:  I cut my finger open with a knife

Willy: Be right there! *click*

Willy told me later on that he was out the door like “a fireman coming down the pole”- aren’t friends great? 🙂

At this point I sent CK a text: “Cut open finger. Willy driving me to hospital”.  He was very sweet and met us at the hospital within an hour so Willy could go home.

By the time CK had arrived, the lovely people in the emergency room had swapped my bloodied dish towel for some gauze and medical tape and I was dutifully keeping my hand elevated above my head.  What the hospital had neglected to tell us, was that only 1 doctor was on call and about 8 cardiac arrests had occurred in the past 2-3 hours, clearly my li’l finger was not a priority (neither should it have been).  Once we figured this out (it was 2am by then, and we’d been there since 6:30pm) we decided to head home to get some sleep and head over to the clinic the next morning.

I passed out when we got home and was not very happy to get up the next morning.  We got to the clinic where the personnel far more responsive (no cardiac arrested patients) and the nurse first removed the gauze from the previous evening and cleaned me up a bit.  The Doc, a very sweet older lady, took one look at my finger and said: you did a real nice job on this one, didn’t ya? At that point the exhaustion and pain (from having the gauze removed from the dried blood) took over and I started bawling like any mature 24 year old would do.  I’m a brave lion, really.

Once I was done shedding the tears I was told to lay down, avoid looking at anything remotely bloody and let them get to work.  Some burning local anesthesia and 5 stitches later, I was all mended with a finger that looked like it belonged to Frankenstein’s bride.  Sorry no pics and consider yourselves lucky. In case you were wondering, CK sat in the reception the entire time- he’s as brave as me hehe.

The nurse came back at this point to administer a tetanus shot.  Don’t worry, this won’t hurt too much, said. Um, I just had about 5 needles of anesthesia and 5 stitches poked into my finger, clearly one more needle wasn’t going to set me over the edge.  My only disappointment was they didn’t offer me a lollipop for my, ahem, bravery.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Now all that’s left is for me to return Friday morning for a clean bandage. I’m hoping it won’t take the stitches too long to heal- any of you experts on the healing process of cut fingers? If so, please share 🙂

For now, I’m stuck with a finger that slightly resembles a cocoon and a lack of ability to cook up to my normal par, eats have been mainly:

Granola with banana, carob chips and rice milk:

And chickpea, spinach and avocado salads (well I had to do something with a pitted avocado, couldn’t just let it go to waste; and no, there wasn’t any blood on it!)

Obviously one can only eat so many salads and granola dishes before going crazy: so I did what any girl would do- pigged out on bbq at a friend’s house!  As you can see, I’m a silent sufferer.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to have a bath and then pack for the cottage!

Bon soir mes amis!


About Jess @ MTL Veggie

Jess, the face behind The MTL Veggie is a vegetarian, athlete, marketer and Torontonian turned Montrealer. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, photography, running, yoga, skiing, and of course blogging. The MTL Veggie recaps her recipes, restaurant reviews, and what it's like to be a Leafs fan living in Montreal (hint: scary at times).
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