I’m Baaaaack!

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was fantastic.  The Death Race went off amazingly- The North Face sponsored athlete, Hal Koerner, dominated the course.  He not only too first place, he destroyed the course record by over an hour!! Can you believe that Hal ran 125km in 12 hours and 47 minutes?! On top of it, this was his 100th ultra marathon!! So proud of him 🙂

Anyway to be quite honest, I am superbly tired so I’ll just leave you with some pics of my trip.

We spotted this cute deer on our way up from Grande Prairie to Grande Cache

Check out the view into the town

My accommodations for the first night, this transformed intoa hotel room on the second night and onward.

My fridge in aforementioned hotel room along with food to keep me going for the weekend

Our kick-ass TNF hang out during the race

The amazing TNF staff/athletes competing at this year's Death Race!

Ben crossing the finishing line at Leg 5

He wasn't pleased with his "finish line photo" so we decided to 're-shoot'

Rich came along quickly after Ben

I like this "finish line" photo much better 😉

I couldn't get over the scenery- everywhere you looked, mountains!

Our amazing TNF sponsored athletes Diane and Hal at the post-race autograph session- Diane hadn't even slept yet, THAT'S dedication!!


Just when I thought we weren't going to see any bears, this guy showed up as we were driving back to Grande Prairie

Isn't he cute? Luckily his mother was nowhere nearby!

The town of Grande Cache was an amazing town that embraces this event and you get that real sense of community everywhere you went- from the start/finish line, to the cafe that was open 24 hours during the race weekend, to the fabulous restaurant staff at the hotel that made sure we got a hearty breakfast each morning.  Well I hope these pics speak for themselves because I don’t think I can spell out anymore coherent sentences.  G’night 🙂


About Jess @ MTL Veggie

Jess, the face behind The MTL Veggie is a vegetarian, athlete, marketer and Torontonian turned Montrealer. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, photography, running, yoga, skiing, and of course blogging. The MTL Veggie recaps her recipes, restaurant reviews, and what it's like to be a Leafs fan living in Montreal (hint: scary at times).
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2 Responses to I’m Baaaaack!

  1. Tess says:

    OMG, if you ever speak to Hal again, please tell him congrats for me! That’s such an incredible, inspiring athlete right there. People like that should be the ones on magazine covers, not the sickly weak looking boys and girls we have on there now….. That’s amazing.

    Had you ever been out west before?

  2. Tess says:

    PS. WE WANT PICTURES OF THE INJURY!!!! lol Next blog post!!

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