That’s Karma for you!

Remember yesterday, how I was complaining that I hate sitting at my desk and would rather be running around like a chicken with my head cut off? Well Karma seemed to grant my wish and today has been one of those days, which is why this post is so delayed and will be quick!

Lunch this afternoon was a delicious mix of the mac n cheese (would you believe I’m STILL trying to get rid of it?!) mixed in with the leftovers of last nights veggie sauté.  The red pepper flakes and garlic gave the mac a nice extra kick and all in all it was très delicieux!

Look- you can even see my work under my desk- I told you I was busy!

I also finished off the grapes so I can move on to new fruits tomorrow 😉

You may at times find my menus a bit repetitive, and I apologize (slightly) but I try my best to use up what I’ve got in my fridge as I hate throwing out produce- I view it as my hard-earned dollars going directly into the garbage. So I buy in moderation and eat what I got before moving on the next 😉

Alright time to be off and running again, few more things to do before I head out. I’m going to a friends house whose hosting a Habillez-Vous Pour Haiti Event (Get Dressed for Haiti) we’ve all donated our old clothes that we no longer wear and are doing a semi clothing swap/ garage sale where all proceeds to go to Haiti! I wonder what I’ll buy….

Stay tuned to find out!

Question: Do you ever find yourself getting into “food ruts”? What do you do to get out of it?


About Jess @ MTL Veggie

Jess, the face behind The MTL Veggie is a vegetarian, athlete, marketer and Torontonian turned Montrealer. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, photography, running, yoga, skiing, and of course blogging. The MTL Veggie recaps her recipes, restaurant reviews, and what it's like to be a Leafs fan living in Montreal (hint: scary at times).
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One Response to That’s Karma for you!

  1. Tess says:

    I go to the store and buy a couple things I’ve never heard of, then look up recipes online to find out how to cook them 🙂 For example, the other day I walked by some kale and realized I’d never tried it before. So I bought it. I’ve now used it in three different recipes (salad, as a steamed side, and as a stuffing in my chicken).

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